How to monitor SCCM OSD

You could use reports…. Or use Status Message queries!

One may say, “Why, when I can just look at the console or computer to see the progress”. How does that help us when we want to automate more? It’s important to note the Message ID for automation. Message ID for when the task sequence completes is 11171. This is probably old news for some but you can even create status filter rules to trigger scripts, Orchestrator Runbooks or SMA runbooks based on success or failure of a task sequence (independent of the client):

You’ll need to create some status message queries before continuing:

For example: I want to see how the OSD process went for Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard on certain server that my team deployed a few hours ago (it will also show current progress):

Go to Monitoring->System Status->Status Message Queries and locate your query

  1. Right click and select Show Messages
  2. Select 6 hours ago in the “Select date and time” field
  3. Click OK

  4. You’ll want to filter for your system. Click View->Filter and type the name of the system you want to check and click OK
  5. You could also just filter for systems that has finished OSD by filtering for 11171 only.


Q: What is if I want to progress of all server OSD?

A: You could create status message query to include all OSD deployment ID’s by using the “IN” statement. Filter by Message ID 11171 to see all that have completed.

Q: What If I want to show just task sequence failures for my query?

A: Filter for message ID 11170


Happy OSD Monitoring 🙂

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