HASMUG 2013 | Q3 – System Center Reporting Through the BI Stack


System Center Reporting Through the BI Stack

Content Level: 200

System Center is online.  Configuration, Operations and Service Manager are collecting data at record speeds.  Management is requesting increasing numbers of reports, with increasing complexity.  What’s an administrator to do?  Enter the self-service Business Intelligence solution.  See how the Microsoft BI stack can be leveraged to visualize data at both a high level, for an overall view, and then dive deeper into drillable, interactive displays.  Real world examples demonstrate the power of merging BI with System Center via SQL 2012, SharePoint 2013 and Power View.  High-level discussions offer insights on accessing the information stored in data warehouses, analysis services and tabular models. Empower management with self-service dashboards and be the hero of the organization.

Presenter Bio:

  • Kim Hughes is a Sr. BI Analyst with over 20 years of experience in IT and Business Analysis. His years of professional consulting include SQL, Oracle, Cognos and Data Warehousing, feats that have earned him the moniker “Guru” among colleagues.
  • John Parker is a former SCCM admin turned BI Analyst with 15 years in the IT field, A+, Net+ and MCTS.  Word has it Service Manager lured him to the dark side.


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